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Before I started nutritional therapy with Suzi, I was so low in myself and concerned about my weight. Suzi has taken me on as one of her clients and with her fabulous support and guidance, I am a more confident person and feel a lot better in myself by being more accepting of my body image. 

Suzi is so kind and friendly; she is professional in everything she does. I have built a strong, trusting relationship with Suzi over the last few months. She listens and takes on board what I say and takes time to do extensive research to meet my individual dietary needs and always has additional things I can do to improve my diet to gain those important nutrients. I can't thank you enough, you have been amazing from the start. I will continue to take your knowledge and expertise with me moving forward. Thank you!


I initially started to work with Suzi when I took part in her free Facebook Sugar-Free challenge. It was a very exciting and challenging week. I learned a lot that has influenced me going forwards – Suzi is so knowledgeable and completely non-judgemental.

Eager to go the next step and continue with the weight loss that this challenge kick-started, I then signed up to a 12 week programme to try to lose excess weight following pregnancy. Suzi was very thorough in her assessments and was very good at listening to my likes/dislikes and accommodated my quirky lifestyle. Not only did I lose weight, but I started to notice that my skin was clearer and that I had so much more energy. Suzi really helped me with planning my weekly menu so that I was always one step ahead, which completely reduced my cravings and constant snacking. She helped me keep in mind the vision of my future self, which was very motivational.

Since then, I have returned to Suzi to make sure that I am in tip top health as I prepared my body for another pregnancy. Suzi arranged and interpreted hormonal tests and worked with my GP when necessary. The regular follow-ups were fantastic as she set me a new challenge according to whatever was going on for me, and then held me accountable! It’s all been extremely worthwhile, as I am now expecting a baby in 2022.


I am going to carry on next week being sugar free. My cravings have stopped and I am no longer stuffing my face with cake AND chocolate each night. Planning is key, so have mapped out my meals and snacks… looking forward to the homemade granola too. Thanks for your support, just what I needed to kick start me!



Thank you for all your encouragement. So surprised I’ve made it this far! I am going to continue to be very aware of what I am eating from now on and this challenge has definitely allowed me to see where I was going wrong in terms of my diet so changes will definitely be made going forwards. Thank you so much for guiding us through it.


Being mostly sugar free for a few weeks now is certainly making a difference in my life. I have surprisingly more energy, feel less sleepy, am losing weight, my skin looks healthier and I have recovered from illness far faster than in the past. It doesn’t happen overnight, yet my whole outlook is improving.


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