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Nutritional Therapy

How can Nutritional Therapy help me?

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Over a period of time, I will support you to feel more vibrant and radiantly fertile. I will provide you with expert guidance, as well as practical support to implement the guidance, in addition to support for your wellbeing. Knowing that it takes approximately 3 months for an immature egg to develop into a mature egg ready for ovulation, means that it is this crucial window of time that we would work together to improve the quality of your egg supply. Alternatively, your goal may be to improve sperm health, regulate ovulation, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, endometriosis, fibroid support or just to be in the best health prior to assisted reproduction. I understand how other chronic illnesses eg autoimmune disease impacts on fertility, as well as the effects of long term medication.  

In addition, I aim to bring you a new sense of grounding, a lighter, brighter and more positive approach to the challenge you are facing; you will have someone there for you. You will feel informed and will have choices which will help you to feel in control. I am an empathetic person, with excellent listening skills, which will help you feel understood and supported. I will make you feel relaxed and will be open to listen to how your fertility issues are impacting your life. I will support you to develop new habits that fit in with your lifestyle. 

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